Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Blogging - Heckle and Jeckle and realizing that some things are just meant to be

Todays Back to Blogging assignment is to re-upload a post that you wish more people had read and explain why it was important to you.

This post reminds me that even when you think all hope is lost, when you feel as though you are ready to give up that you never know what lies ahead of you. I experienced an honest to God miracle and I am fortunate to have two very special reminders that no matter what anything is possible.
When I was struggling to have children I felt so alone and isolated. I didn't know anyone who was going through infertility and I didn't have anyone that could understand how much I wanted to be a mother. I wrote this post for several reasons one was to celebrate the twins and the other was so that just maybe someone that was going through a difficulty or struggle would be able to find hope in my experience.

Heckle and Jeckle and realizing that somethings are
meant to be~

The one thing that I always knew I wanted to do in life was be a mom. After years of struggles and issues and having my sweet little Rorie I managed to get pregnant again. However, the universe had other plans and my sweet little angel was never meant to be mine. I still remember very vividly the pain and despair I felt, the loss that still goes with me sometimes. I had never before nor since felt that kind of pain and those closest to me know that I completely fell apart. My life and marriage was in shambles and then September 11 happened and every ones lives were turned upside down, things that seemed important evaporated in the aftermath and something else happened too. Those of us that were on the outside looking in were able to count our blessings and put our lives in order. In November my Husband started talking about trying to have another baby. I was against it, I was still having such a hard time coping with the feelings of my lost little baby, November was when my baby would have been born and I was so afraid to try again. After the first of the year hubs began to bring it up again and I was still very resistant. Valentines day was quickly approaching and Hubs was getting more persistent I told him I had no desire to go through the medicine and shots the rigorous schedules the temperature taking and tracking. So I gave in on a few conditions it was a one shot deal I agreed to try one more time. No medicine, no charts, absolutely nothing and if it didn't work I would never try again. I can honestly say I just knew it wouldn't work, Hubs had the flu and I had no idea if I could even ovulate on my own so I was feeling pretty confident at that point that I would have RoRo as my one and only. This is the point in which God laughed and I don't mean chuckled, I mean fell on the floor rolling around nearly pee your pants laughing, because a few weeks later I threw up and not just once. So of course the husband runs to the store to buy the pee test at which point I was furious because Lord knows I had single-handedly kept EPT in business for years and you can't buy just one so he came home with several. I waited a few days and convinced myself it was a stomach flu until I was late. So I took the tests all of them and the all came out positive. I was in shock and scared. I knew not to get my hopes up so I called the doc and went in for the tests. The first blood tests showed very low numbers so I was prepared for the worst and over the next two weeks I went in every few days for more blood work and on the final day Doc says, I think we need an ultrasound. I thought to myself, here we go again. We got ready, got a baby sitter for Ro and went to the Doctor. I assumed the position on the table and the hubby grabbed a chair and in comes the sweet little ultrasound tech and finds the babies, yes I said babies, there were originally three but there sat in my belly two little heartbeats strong and healthy. Needless to say Hubs nearly passed out and all I could do was cry there they were my two little babies. After a difficult pregnancy and a tense seven months my babies were born my little man at 5lbs and 6oz and my princess Lyla 3lbs and 1 oz. We were so blessed, they were able to come home after only two weeks even though everyone thought it would be months, they defied the odds. In just a few weeks they will be 7 years old. It doesn't seem like seven years. They are amazing little people . They are funny and infuriating, strong and sensitive they are each others opposites. They have balance and they bring us all more entertainment than anyone should have. And each time I look at them I remind myself that no matter how bad something seems, you never know what waiting around the corner for you and that there is so much truth in the saying, "When one door closes, another one opens".

This post is written to play along with SITS and their Back to Blogging event.
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This week, I will be taking a look back at what got me blogging in the first place and get back to the root of blogging and that is making connections with people.
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Loco YaYa said...

can you imagine how bored we would be if it was just Big K and RoRo??

it WOULD be kinda quiet though! lol. but wouldnt trade any of em! (on most days)

Theta Mom said...

Wow, you have been through so much! And through it all, I love how you ended the post with, "When one door closes, another one opens." Great perspective.

BTW, thanks for responding to my thread on twittermoms. I am following you! Would love for you to come check out my blog. :)

Mandy said...

I have a friend going through infertility right now. It's hard for me to know what to say to her for comfort. Thanks for a little insight! ;)

Anonymous said...

You do have such an amazing story! Awesome they were able to come home so soon, especially your princess, so small!
I have 4 children, but there are 6 years between my 1st and 2nd. After getting pregnant at 15 with my first, I had difficulty with the second! She finally arrived 6.5 years later, and whatever hot=rmonal imbalance I had was fixed as babies number 3 and 4 came is 2 year succession after that!
And now they are 17-28, and I have 7 grandbabies!

Wonderful post!