Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Minute

This is my first time participating in the Monday Minute. I figure there is no better way to clear up the writers blog than to do a few memes. So today I will be joining in on the Monday Minute.

Monday Minute

Who was your high school Sweet Heart?

I mostly dated through high school I didn't have anyone serious until my senior year and that was my older brothers friend, I had a crush on him for years and then we started dating.

What is your favorite vegetable to eat?

I love vegetables so its hard for me to pick one I guess it would be artichokes, spinach and potatoes

Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween, if yes, what do you have in mind?

I am trying to talk Loco YaYa into dressing up with me as Lucy and Ethel, we'll see how that goes.

Are you a reality show junkie? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?
Yes I am. I love Top Chef, Big Brother, and when I need a serious break from the real world I watch The Real Housewives and remember how lucky I am to be normal.

and finally

What year did you graduate high school? 1990 I know I know I'm ancient!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Threads

I thought I would finally post some pics of the the Threads I have been working on. Crochet has been a sort of salvation for me over the last year or so. When I am having a flare up it seems to be the one thing that can take my mind off the pain. There is something about the counting stitches and concentration that tends to distract me just enough. I owe a lot of that to Teresa at the Art of Crochet. I always wanted to learn but never did until last year I came across her blog and youtube videos and just like that I was a crochet queen.. :) Usually the amount that I crochet is directly related to the amount of pain that is going on but even so there is always a sense of accomplishment with each finished project. Here are just a few ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Counting Down!!!

Less than 6 days left. I can hold out, not much longer and everyone will be in school! Don't get me wrong, I am not a horrible mother, I love all of them so much, however I miss the routine. I am ready to have some me time back. I am ready to watch what I want on T.V. I am ready to not have to share my laptop and my phone to keep the peace. To be honest, they are ready too. They miss all of their friends and all of the activites that school brings. So only 6 more days until school starts.

In the mean time I have been crazy busy with my Crochet projects. I know it seems weird but when the pain levels are up I crochet. There is something about the counting and concentrating that keeps my mind off the pain. Right now I need it. I am headed to yet another specialist to try and find something that will help. Hopefully this will be the one, but we will see.

Macaroni Kid is going very well! We have made new contacts and have a lot of really great things in the works. My concentration is not real great right now but I am hoping that will turn around soon.