Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Unpacked one box at a time!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I found a great link this morning from 5minutesformom. Tackle it Tuesday.  So here I am feeling sorry for myself because I am in the throws of an MS flare and what I really need is something to force me to push through. So I am going to accept the challenge.  We started moving Thanksgiving and with all of the Holiday Parties and get togethers I have managed neglect unpacking all of the boxes that are stacked in my garage creating a constant reminder that I have way too much stuff.
So I am going to make my Tackle it Tuesday goal getting through those boxes. I am going to get the kids to help me get them out and go through them and get it all put up. Now I have no grand illusions that I can do this in one Tuesday but if I can just get through a few boxes each time then it shouldn't take long to be able to reclaim my garage find all my sewing and crafting stuff and then not feel so defeated each time I walk out there to go get in the car. So wish me luck. Here's the before pic. Lets see what happens after!

Monday, December 28, 2009

We Survived.. So Far

After a very busy week last week I have finally managed a little time out. Not by choice though. Once again I have run my body ragged so here I sit folding laundry which just happens to be the least painful thing I can do. My mom always says " if you don't slow down, you'll fall down!" So yes here I am admiting that she is right.. for now.
Christmas was good this year, here we are in the new house surrounded (litteraly) by all of our friends and adopted family. The kids were all happy with their gifts even though this year I didn't go all out. We added two new members to the family Buckley and Ella. The kids were so excited that not much else mattered. 
The best gift I got this year was everything, the laughter, and giggles sprinkled with hugs and kisses.  I am working on my "space issues" and the hugs are getting a little easier. I am still working on my New Years resolutions, trying not to give in to my strong impulses to resolve not to resolve.  The list is long and I am trying not to chicken out and only put the ones on there that I know I can keep up with. 
I am looking forward to friday, one of my best friends is coming for a visit. I haven't seen her in years and I was so excited when she called and said she  was coming for a visit.
The kids are going to be out of school for another week and a half so hopefully I will keep hanging on. I've been trying desperately to keep the house pickedup to no avail. I am not sure what it is about a clean room that makes the kids want to mess it up. I was so proud yesterday looking at my last basket of laundry to be folded. Ahh but the munchkins had left me a surprise in the much hated built in laundry bin in the house that I keep forgetting is there, 4 more loads of dirty laundry, oh the joys of having kids who change clothes 3 times a day and only use a towel once! Now if only the laundry fairy would hurry up and get to my house I would be doing great!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

So here I am in the final countdown 2 days left till Christmas and of course I'm not ready. This is not typical for me. Usually I am done with all my shopping and preperations by the second week in December. This year not so much. I have the presents all but 2 , I still have wrapping to do and I am working on my last 2 crochet projects. Whoo I am worn out just thinking about it
We are still not quite settled into the house, I'm thinking right between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't always the best time to move! But it has been worth all the craziness. We love the new house and we are with our people.
We had a wonderful party last night, a house full of friends and family. It was great the kids were all running around crazy and the friends well we tend to get a little crazy too! There was tons of laughter and lots of love, which is always great. I can honestly say this was the best holiday get together we've had in years. 
I'm working on my resolutions I don't have them all figured out yet so I will talk more about those later. I have been getting more involved in the online community. I am loving Momtv, and the wonderful group of ladies that I have met via twitter and various blogs. Its amazing how small the internet has made the world, but I am loving every minute of it. I hope to continue to become more involved over the next year and I am even hoping I can possibly go to Mom 2.0 it will be in Houston which is just a hop, skip and jump. I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me. So I am wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Tommorrow marks the beginning of my countdown. The kids all get out of school on Thursday, so there  is much t do between now and then. I have finished 3 of the scarf and hat sets. Tommorrow I will need to run to the grocery store and pick up the rest of th backing items that I need. This year I am going the homemade route. I am going to make quite a few gifts in a jar. I am also doing all of the crochet sets.  I still have white elephant gifts to pick up and I still need to pick up the rest of the kids Christmas gifts for the kids and frankley I have hit a wall. There are so many things they want but I have promised myself that I won't go over budget and I really have no desire to spend a fortune on gifts that will only end up getting donated or thrown away in a few months.  I am still not through unpacking and moving we still have things at the other house but my health is giving me a run for my money and now on top of everything else I think I have an ulcer.  I love Christmas and usually I am all out in the mood but this year I just haven't gotten there yet. Maybe I need to take a step back and regroup. Hopefully the baking and the crochet will help settle me down both of those always seem to calm my nerves quite a bit. So its time to make the lists check them twice and put on my big girl panties, pull myself up by my bootstraps don the santa hat and get it all done. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm really not lazy I promise!

I keep telling myself that I am going to spend more time working on my blog. Well evidently I am way more talk than I am action! But seriously, this time I have a legitimate excuse, we just moved. This wasn't one of those we've been planning for months moves, this was OMG I found the perfect house in the perfect place and 10 days later we were moving. I know this sounds rash but sometimes you just know when something is the right thing and I really think this was the right thing. For the first time in a while my stars aligned and things fell into place.
My new house and my new town feel have made me feel like I have finally come home. I am now literaly steps away from most of my nearest and dearest. My kids are happier than they have been in years. The new school has been a much needed and welcomed change. It was so crazy to me to have most of my girlfriends painting and unpacking getting me moved in. It was wonderful to have people. I love my people!
Christmas is right around the corner and I am busy shopping, unpacking, crocheting and resisting the urge to start any sewing projects even though my creative brain is in overdrive. I have overdone it way to much lately and now my body is rebelling, which really sucks because I am so excited about all that is going on. My bff just got something done that she has been waiting years for and I am so grateful and thankful that this happed for her she deserved it. My nearly grown 10yr old is thriving, the downside BOYS! but hopefully she will continue to love her new place. The twins, well they are themselves as always and the world is still revolving around them but I think that is the way that is supposed to be. Did I mention the best part, My people, even hubs seems a little more content, which is a good thing. My illness is flaring but I am hanging in there, trying desperately to hide it but not doing a very good job. So I am going to slow down a bit and let my body catch up and get ready for the weeks ahead.
Monday kicks off my annual pre-christmas baking, which I love and despite having to wash dishes which I hate, it soothes me. There is something about all the smell of fresh baked bread, pies, divinty, fudge and cookies that sends me back to a place that brings me great peace. So its time to dig out the aprons, make the lists and get ready to get busy. And try desperately to resist the urge to be Lazy!