Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

So here I am in the final countdown 2 days left till Christmas and of course I'm not ready. This is not typical for me. Usually I am done with all my shopping and preperations by the second week in December. This year not so much. I have the presents all but 2 , I still have wrapping to do and I am working on my last 2 crochet projects. Whoo I am worn out just thinking about it
We are still not quite settled into the house, I'm thinking right between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't always the best time to move! But it has been worth all the craziness. We love the new house and we are with our people.
We had a wonderful party last night, a house full of friends and family. It was great the kids were all running around crazy and the friends well we tend to get a little crazy too! There was tons of laughter and lots of love, which is always great. I can honestly say this was the best holiday get together we've had in years. 
I'm working on my resolutions I don't have them all figured out yet so I will talk more about those later. I have been getting more involved in the online community. I am loving Momtv, and the wonderful group of ladies that I have met via twitter and various blogs. Its amazing how small the internet has made the world, but I am loving every minute of it. I hope to continue to become more involved over the next year and I am even hoping I can possibly go to Mom 2.0 it will be in Houston which is just a hop, skip and jump. I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me. So I am wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!


Stephanie @MomTV said...

Merry Christmas! We're excited you're enjoying MomTV!! Wait til you see us in 2010. Have a wonder-filled New Year!

~ Stephanie