Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm really not lazy I promise!

I keep telling myself that I am going to spend more time working on my blog. Well evidently I am way more talk than I am action! But seriously, this time I have a legitimate excuse, we just moved. This wasn't one of those we've been planning for months moves, this was OMG I found the perfect house in the perfect place and 10 days later we were moving. I know this sounds rash but sometimes you just know when something is the right thing and I really think this was the right thing. For the first time in a while my stars aligned and things fell into place.
My new house and my new town feel have made me feel like I have finally come home. I am now literaly steps away from most of my nearest and dearest. My kids are happier than they have been in years. The new school has been a much needed and welcomed change. It was so crazy to me to have most of my girlfriends painting and unpacking getting me moved in. It was wonderful to have people. I love my people!
Christmas is right around the corner and I am busy shopping, unpacking, crocheting and resisting the urge to start any sewing projects even though my creative brain is in overdrive. I have overdone it way to much lately and now my body is rebelling, which really sucks because I am so excited about all that is going on. My bff just got something done that she has been waiting years for and I am so grateful and thankful that this happed for her she deserved it. My nearly grown 10yr old is thriving, the downside BOYS! but hopefully she will continue to love her new place. The twins, well they are themselves as always and the world is still revolving around them but I think that is the way that is supposed to be. Did I mention the best part, My people, even hubs seems a little more content, which is a good thing. My illness is flaring but I am hanging in there, trying desperately to hide it but not doing a very good job. So I am going to slow down a bit and let my body catch up and get ready for the weeks ahead.
Monday kicks off my annual pre-christmas baking, which I love and despite having to wash dishes which I hate, it soothes me. There is something about all the smell of fresh baked bread, pies, divinty, fudge and cookies that sends me back to a place that brings me great peace. So its time to dig out the aprons, make the lists and get ready to get busy. And try desperately to resist the urge to be Lazy!