Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to (Home)School

This week has marked our first "official" week back to school. If you ask many homeschooling parents they will tell you that the learning never really ends though. So far this week, we have been on schedule, completed our work and even had time for a field trip of sorts.

Yesterday was great, a day for all of the homeschoolers to get together, a chance for the kids to see each other and for the moms to reconnect. Share the latest and greatest finds and plan for the year. We had a few new to home school moms. All with that same look that I had last year. The one that says " can I do this" , "am I covering everything", "will I screw this up". I was able to pass along the same advice I received. It will all be fine, just breath and remember that nothing is permanent if something that you are trying doesn't work don't be afraid to change it. Now at the time this didn't help a lot but now some time later I realize that it was true.

One of our main topics of discussion was what everyone was using, where do we find our resources etc. So I thought I would link up some of my favorites here:

Resources -

Reading - Tommy Tales Reading -

Spelling - Spell by Color -
Handwriting – CurrClick – downloaded handwriting packets

Classic Science - Life Science -

Americas Heritage an adventure in Liberty -

I have purchased the Full Curriculum books From Brain Quest as well as Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

Worksheets and Lesson Plans:

Planning and Tracking: