Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost in thought

I haven't been around much lately, that's not true, I've been around just not around the bloggy-verse. I haven't made time to read or post as much as I would like. I have been immersed in working on Macaroni Kid. I have finally gotten the courage to start reaching out to companies and groups and I have been amazed at the opportunities that are coming my way. Something a little amazing happened yesterday, the hubs doesn't always say much about the MK. I will tell him what I'm up to but usually he shows very little interest. Then last night out of the blue he tells me how impressed he is with the work I'm doing. It was nice to be taken seriously.

Life is still the same old roller coaster my new favorite saying is "I WANT OFF THIS FREAKIN' RIDE NOW". It's like this whole year has been one thing after the other from my illnesses which are ever expanding to all of the crazy that runs around on a daily basis. There are days that feel like just when I've cleared one hurdle another comes flying at me before I can get my feet back on the ground. Little R had her tonsils adenoids and sinuses done a couple of weeks ago and what was supposed to be in and out in the same day became four days in a hospital 75 miles from home with no clothes or anything, but thanks to some really great friends and family we survived. She's back to her old self now and all is well. Loco YaYa's dad had a health scare three days after we got Little R home and it was a scary week but he's home now and doing better.

I took a mental break over the weekend and took the Fab Five out for several activities, We went to Lowes and built:

Later Saturday I took Big R and Big K to Painting with a Twist it was a blast if you've never been and you have one in your area you should definitely go. The girls loved it and the staff was amazing!

I will definitely go back next time with few girlfriends and a bottle of wine. I can't wait. Overall it was a good weekend. Nobody died or got really sick and even though there was some minor drama the crises was averted thank Big G. I have lots of work to do his week but for now, I'm going to take a little time to stop by and say hi to all my bloggy friends. I miss you all so much!


Loco YaYa said...

girl i want off this damned ride too. somewhere sunny. with umbrella drinks.

check it out!