Friday, June 11, 2010

A Day at the Beach

We had a great day yesterday! For those of you who have been keeping up, I am feeling a little better. I have several new doctors and things seem to be on the upswing. Yesterday we decided to take advantage and take the Fab Five to the beach. We had such a great time. I am red as a lobster, but the kids had a blast. The weather was great and the waves were big. We have been very fortunate not to be affected by the oil spill so we figured we should enjoy it while we can. It was a wonderful peaceful day, no one argued or nit picked and needless to say we were all in bed very early last night completely exhausted. We are planning more days like this and hoping to use this summer to take a vacation from all the craziness and just enjoy the little people are growing like weeds and it won't be long until days at the beach a few and far between.


~~louise~~ said...

I hope things are still going well for you, Stephanie. I'm glad to hear you have some new doctors to consult with. How'd that go?

It sure sounds like you and the kids are taking advantage of the weather. Good for you!

You know, we're playing the Picnic Game at my blog again this year. I'd love if you and the kids could make it. Drop by for the info...

Stay well and good luck to you, Louise