Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it really the weekend already?

First of all I have to start by saying, I told myself I was going to try to write a little everyday. Whatever!! We plan and God laughs .. Alot.

This last week has been so crazy, but I knew I better sit down for a minute and put something on paper or laptop or whatever we are calling it.

Aerosmith was Amazing, it was worth waiting most of my life for and there is no one I would have rather shared that with. I spent the next two days trying to relieve some of my mommy guilt by spending extra time with the kids and taking them out. We went to see Transformers 2 and it was really good. I have to say though nothing got too me more than when Optimus Prime died and my sweet little boy climbed in my lap with a face full of tears.. could it be possible? Is there a chance that he will be sensitive? I know that Hubs has been known to cry at a commercial or two... but he was so sweet and all in all we had a good time, the kids loved the movie.

Monday I decided to run away, now this is not the 14 yr old version of runaway, this is call your Bff on the phone, check and see if she's up for the villagers, pack up all the kids and head out. So I am not really sure if its really running away when you take your kids with you. I will return home at some point. I am spending time getting my thoughts together. Helping YaYa get her house in order and hanging out with all my girls and our tribe.

Of course there is always some craziness going on around us, I guess that's what happens when your nearest and dearest include more than 10-20 people. We all love each other like family and when one is up in arms we're all up in arms. But the upside is there's always someone to catch you when you fall, call you on your crap, laugh with you till you cry and slap the shit out of you when you need it. Thank the Lord for great friends.

YaYa and I have been friends for such a long time now and here we are 11 yrs and 5 kids later still navigating the misadventures of motherhood. Its funny it seem even though looking at us you would never imagine us as friends, we have balance, and tons of laughs. Over the years the one thing we have always wanted was to find one project that would make our lives as moms easier. We think we have finally picked one and with any luck we can take all of our experiences, fun and laughter and put it together with much success.

Poor hubs he's been on his own for almost two weeks now. It was bound to happen, after 13 yrs he has forgotten how to cook. I am pretty sure he is starving to death. He has managed to find a crockpot so hopefully he will be able to scrounge enough sustenance to last him until we return.

YaYa's house remodel is coming along great. It is true that nothing makes you happier than seeing a beautiful finished product and know that you did it or helped do it. For many years I have wanted nothing more than for her to have a place of her own to do and decorate how she wanted. Lord knows that she has picked up a paintbrush too many times to count over the course of our friendship for me. So it is time for payback so I am here brush, screwdriver, hammer and nails in hand.

The doc has put me on a new med which has helped a great deal. I have had more days than not where I have felt almost like the supermom I set out to be. I have been able to do a lot of mental inventory, I am doing my best to reduce my stress and make the most of the life I have. I want to be able to give my friends and family the best parts of me with as many wonderful memories as I can.

There are so many things coming up Sunday is the Katy Perry concert that I have been holding over my daughters head so needless to say I will be looking for something new to manipulate her with after that's over.. We have a big end of summer party planned a week from Saturday so the renovations here at YaYa's are in high gear. School starts in a couple of weeks so I am hoping to get another beach trip in before the 24th.

I have fallen in love with my Iphone more and more each day, I love it and I will say that I am not sure how I ever functioned without it. It has offered me entertainment, efficiency and now piece of mind. On the trip to YaYa's as all of the kids were yelling, screaming and fighting and I had nearly reached my limit on the amount of times your allowed to say " if you don't stop that right now I am pulling this car over", It occurred to me that in my purse lay the headphone I had haphazardly thrown in there when I took the Iphone out of its box. I very calmly requested from my oldest to please hand them too me, I inserted them into the phone and then in my ears cranked up the tunes and finished my drive in a calm state delivering all of us safely to our destination. Again I say, " Thank you Apple for my Iphone which I love so very much."