Thursday, July 16, 2009

One more Day the countdown continues!!!

It's finally Thursday, woo hoo! I have a million things to do today including continuing to work on Baboos blanket. He is threatening to hold me hostage until I complete it so I'm thinking I will work a deal out with him. If he picks up his messes I'll finish the blanket. I realize he is only six however, my thought process on the whole picking up your own messes thing is that it is just making them in reverse.
I've never really understood how three little people can make so many messes at once. It seems as though they move in reverse. If I'm cleaning the bedrooms they are destroying the living room and vice versa this pattern continues through out the house until I make my way back to the beginning only to find that it's just as messy as it was when I started. I have been threatening for quite a while now that I will go on strike and never clean again until they all go off to college. I am thoroughly aware that this is neither practical or feasible, but seriously am I the only one that feels like a hamster on a wheel.
Now to the woo hoo part, My best friend and soul sister YaYa did the most amazing thing for me. She got us Aerosmith tickets for their concert tomorrow night. Now I am fully aware that I am a way to close to forty mother of three who probably doesn't have a lot of business at a Rock Concert but It's Aerosmith. I have wanted to see them since I was twelve years old and every time the opportunity arose something always got in the way. So I am going come hell or high water and I fully plan on letting down my mommy do and having a rocking good time. Of course I turn on the weather this morning and hear our lovely weather girl report that after nearly a two month drought we may finally get rain... hooray.. not so much... its supposed to be tomorrow during the concert I have been waiting my whole life for. Murphy's Law Sucks. It never fails but this time it will not get in my way I will sit there in the rain if I have to, fight off the pterodactyl size mosquitoes and have the time of my life with my best friend and sing until I can't talk anymore ( which I am sure the hubby and kids will very much appreciate.. silence is golden after all).
Now needless to say I am going to have to find something to top this as her Christmas gift but I'm really not sure if I can come up with anything better than this. Short of giving her a weeks vacation in some exotic location away from her kids on a mommy hiatus !