Friday, July 17, 2009

This is my day.. Really I mean it !

I decided that today was going to be my day. I mean really doesn't 10yrs of thankless servitude warrant at least one day where I can say "handle it yourself" ? I never go anywhere without the kids. So today is the day that I am going to go to see a Concert I have waited 25 yrs to see. Its ok if I let the kids eat junk all day and sit back and relax while waiting for 5 o'clock to arrive. Right? Like right now for instance my hair is done, my toes are painted and I am blogging while the kids are launching paper airplanes into the ceiling fan. There's no harm in that. Is there? Here's how I see it the planes get launched they hit the ceiling fan the dust flys off the blades the kids laugh, they're happy and my ceiling fan is getting dusted... Two birds one stone !!