Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thurdsday

Dear Sweet Children of Mine,

Thank you for finally for listening to me. Thank you for gathering the laundry and trecking to the washing machine for me. Thank you for taking the laundry and inserting it in the washing machine. Thank you for so thoughtfully adding the soap and starting the load. Thank you for then putting those clothes in the dryer. I so appreciate all of your help. I know that I have asked you a million times to do this and I truly thank you for do this menial task for me without my having to ask. And because you were so thoughtful I will overlook the fact that you missed the blue crayon that was in one of your pockets and ruined and entire load of clothes. And last but not least thank you to the Laundry gods that this load only consisted of towels and play clothes.


Shelley said...

Visiting from MBC! Now following!

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Stefanie said...

I love this!! What a great post... thanks so much for sharing this :)

Stopping by from MBC and now very happy to be following you:)


Courtney said...

I bet that was a mess!! Blue crayons are pretty though?!? Great blog!