Friday, February 12, 2010

ADHD Treatment - The Natural Approach - My Own Experience

I want to start by saying, I am not a medical professional or a pharmacist or even a Vitamin and Supplement Guru. I am just a mom that is trying to make healthy decisions for my children. If anything I learn can be passed on I want to share it. It is very hard to have a child that is struggling and I know that there are many differening opinions on how to treat children with learning delays and behaviorial issues. This is my own experience. If you decide to change your childs regimin please check with your health care professional and do your research. We had to break away from our Doctor that just wanted to keep pushing meds on my son and I watched as my little boy was turning into someone I didn't recognize and I had finally had enough. A few years ago my little man was diagnosed with ADHD. At the time we decided that for his benefit we would try the medications that the doctor was recommending. After two years of having him switched from one medication to another we finally had enough. Many of his symptoms and behaviors had gotten worse and we were at a point where we had really tried almost everything. So after much research and thought we decided that we would try a more natural approach. We decided to give him Behavior Balance DMG he takes two capsules each morning and night and he also takes one teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil each morning.

The little man has been on his new regimen for three weeks now and I am so happy to report that he is doing amazing. Last Friday he came running in the house so excited he could barely speak. He made a 100 on his spelling test!! His first ever and then to top it off over the last few days he has brought many more papers, all A's and B's. He is so proud of himself and his confidence is going through the roof. This is a child that just a few weeks ago was making 60's and below. His Teacher has been sending me glowing reports about how much he has improved. So much so that she has been using him as a model student example. He is not experiencing a lot of the more erratic behavior that we were seeing when he was on the Concerta. His moods have leveled out and he is able to focus and now is able to be redirected with very little effort.
I know that each parent that has a child with these issues struggles continually with what the right thing to do for their child is. For us we have finally found our answer. This in itself is priceless.


CRAZYMOM said...

I am Friday Following you back. If you want to make the cod liver oil taste good...I mix mine with liquid yogurt and just chug it down!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Priceless, oh so true. I am so glad you found what works for your son and Kudos to you for researching and taking your son's matters into your own hands! I also have found results in using supplements with my daughters. My experience was a little different. I had them on medications for allergies for what seems like way too long, with no results. I consulted with a holistic pharmacist and after administering the supplements she recommended, I started noticing immediate results. I blogged about it in January. I give my daughters Fish Oil daily, it is amazing!

I am so glad to hear your son is doing well. I am following back!

Jessica said...

I'm a firm believer in the natural route.
New Friday Follower!

Stacie said...

Oh boy I know the feelings of those ADHD meds. My oldest could not take stimulants and finally we just gave up and things worked out for him. Dakota is a different story. He is on them and other meds. I don't like him being on them at all. I want to check into the first one you said before the cod liver oil. I never heard of that before. I am now following you from Friday Follow.

sheila said...

First off, I'm following you ....great post! I'm always one to try natural stuff before taking a pill. Good for you! THis is very interesting information and I'll have to make note of it for those I know who may benefit. Great blog!

Organize Your Life said...

Great to hear the results your are getting naturally. We had some pretty severe behavioral problems with one of our children and it turned out there was a gluten intolerance. After taking that out of the diet the change was profound. I can only imagine how many kids are misdiagnosed out there. Try natural first at least I say!

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Loco YaYa said...

aunt pot told me today when i was visiting that back when they all had kids they doctors had all moms put drops of cod liver oil in their babys bottles. crazy huh. guess they knew what they were doing.