Friday, February 12, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

I had this week all planned out. I had already worked on several ideas for posts and thought I might actually make my goal of getting everything up ahead of time this week. Well, you know what they say "We plan and God laughs".
Monday I had a really bad reaction to a new medicine which I am no longer on but it took most of the week to get off of it and the Dr insisted I come in Wednesday to have an injection in my left eye to try to relieve the inflamation from the Trochleitis. It really wasn't that bad and it has helped some. I have a black eye and look like Quasimoto. But other than than I think I'm ok. I had a friend who had surgery Tuesday so I was trying to help her with her kids and then Wednesday another friends Husband was in an accident and was in the hospital. Luckily he is fine and now recovering at home, but this has been one of those weeks. I am so ready for things to calm down a little bit and hopefully if nothing else I can at least see enough to get some computer stuff done. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear about all that. But I have never heard the "We plan and God laughs" which is so cute.

I havent been blogging the last week either because I have been super busy. So now I am trying to catch up and get back in the groove of things : )