Monday, April 12, 2010

All About MeMe Monday : Whats the Word

Ok, so MommyBrian and Supah want to know whats our word or words that we have made up or adapted.

What is YOUR WORD?
a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you made up
or stole borrowed
or adapted or whatever
a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you say all the time,
use in an unusual way,
makes you laugh or feel clever.
a WORD or CATCH PHRASE that you've redefined
or that has come to mean something different
because of your kids or your job

Adventures in Mommyville and Loco YaYa decided to do our post together, as we are one brain in two bodies. Allbeit totally different bodies!! But all the same. We were on the phone when we read this post and the first word we both said was the same. Soooooo, we decided to just go on ahead and post together. Meh, it's how we do things in these parts.


bitchitude - what you call the mid-point between an attitude and just plain bein' a bitch. yes people.

i.e. "let me tell you something, you don't drop that bitchitude you've been carrying around and i'm gonna lop it off like a gimp limb!"

- when something is so ridonkulousy rediculous. mostly used dripping with sarcasm.

i.e. when you go to get a cup of coffee, your significant other not only drained the pot, but there is none left in the cabinet, and you have no gas to get to the store. THAT is asstastic.

psycho sally/rosemary - this is our word for when one of the kids is being crazy. and i do not just mean run of the mill crazy. i mean a step above and beyond. one that could possibly require a white jacket with long sleeves and buckles. the type of crazy where no amount of lithium or shock therapy could make things better.

i.e. "sorry we could not make it to dinner last night. Lil'R was being psycho sally and Lil'K turned into rosemary about 10 minutes before we left"

- in the 'ass' family. we use this family of words a lot. again, best used dripping with sarcasm. this is the next step up from asstastick. when asstastick just does not quite fit. this word can be used and interchanged with asstastick as much as needed.

i.e. coffee situation above except after spending all day complaining about no coffee, after your SO gets home, he informs you that he filled your truck up and your BFF brought some coffee by the night before, it just was not put in the right place. asstabulous.

assaholic - this term describes someone who is super awesome at being an ass. they cannot help it, and most of the time they are in denial about the situation. the recovery is long and hard for the assaholic. traditional therapy does not work for this person. one of the only cures that has been known to work is a soap bar in a tube sock applied nightly to affected areas.

i.e. "dude, your dad is an assaholic"

hoohoodilly - little man parts - we had to find a new word for penis when the kids were little and with 4 girls in the house, well this is what we came up with.

i.e "little man please put up your hoohoodilly and stop tormenting your sisters, you are going to cause them to go blind!


douche-canoe - we first heard this one via The Bloggess. and we both use it and love it!

vajayjay - how dare they say that 'bailey' off of grey's made up this word. first off...locoyaya has been using this word for quite a while. at least since 2007. AT LEAST! but ok. she makes money and i do not. so i guess there is no ground to stand on. but i have my eye on your peoplewhodeterminewhocoinswhatword.


Oka said...

Love the list!

Dina said...

love it! following from mbc/fff

Shell said...

LMAO @ your sentence for the hoohoodilly one!

Mom et al said...

I love this! I am now wracking my brain because I feel like I have much to contribute but am coming up empty. Need more coffee.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

This list is too funny. I might have to steal a couple of your words.

RealMommy365 said...

LOL! Glad I decided to visit ;)

Visiting & following from MBC!

CRAZYMOM said...


I am SO borrowing these.