Friday, April 23, 2010


I wrote this post this morning and then got busy with the rest of the bloggy moms and tweeps and as of this afternoon and 132 emails later I am happy to report that Janes son is being transferred to a great school. Anyone that says that you can't make a difference is wrong! There is nothing more powerful than the voice of a mother except the voice of many mothers! So thank you to all who helped! I know that Jane and Islaam will be forever grateful to all of you!

As mothers our deepest fear is that we will be unable to protect our children. We all know that we will do anything to make sure that they are safe. But what would you do if your child was being terrorized at school and the school was refusing to help you. I know that it sounds unimaginable but it is happening and that is where you come in. Jane needs our help. This is Janes beautiful son Islaam.

This is Islaam after he was attacked at school.

If you are not familiar with his story please go here.

One thing that we all know is that there is power in numbers and if this was your child you would do anything to get him somewhere safe. We are reaching out to help Jane and Islaam the best way we know how, with our voices. No child should live in fear and no Mother should ever be told that she will be prosecuted if she doesn't send her child to a school that refuses to ensure her childs safety. This is unacceptable.

Do you want to help get her son in a school where he can concentrate on learning and not have to worry about his immediate safety?

Blogfia has a job for you. Princess of Sarcasm has gotten everything together all you have to do is take a few minutes to send an email.

Email the principal, Mrs. Clark at and let her know that you are disappointed in their lack of cooperation and their failure to keep Islaam safe.

The matter has recently been presented to the superintendent, Christopher J. Steinhauser. We are hoping he will be more helpful. You can reach him at and let him know that you are familiar with Islaam’s case at Jefferson Middle School and that you have seen photos of the brutal attack and that you are SURE they will do the right thing and provide him with a safe learning environment at another school within their district.

Please send a copy to Jane at for her records.

If you would like to join us by posting a plea for help on your blog, Jane would be very grateful. Tweet using the #blogfia hashtag. You may copy my post and tweek it to fit yours if you wish. Please grab the blogfia button as well.
Our goal is to have their inbox flooded with emails by tomorrow morning when they get to work.

Please send emails up until 3 pm EST / noon PST on Saturday, April 24.

If Jane doesn't get a positive response we may do it again next week. We will give them an adequate amount of time to respond, but will stay on them if needed.

If you need a sample email to send you may copy mine.
Dear Ms. Clark,
I have been following the story about the recent attack on a student in your school, Islaam, and I am outraged that he has not been given an opportunity to transfer to another school. Your lack of action in this case is unacceptable. How are children supposed to learn if they are in an environment where they fear for their safety? Your inability to protect him is a serious issue. I am hoping you will take the necessary steps to protect this child’s mental and physical well being and do whatever is necessary to rectify this situation immediately.

Dear Mr. Steinhauser,
I have been following the story about the recent attack on a student at Jefferson Middle School, Islaam, and I am disappointed that he has not been provided an opportunity to enroll in another school within the district. Children need to be provided with a safe environment to learn. I hope you will move quickly to rectify this situation so that Islaam will be able to get back in school as soon as possible and work towards healing emotionally from the brutal attack. Please do not let this young man down.