Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cooking with the kiddos - The Presto Tater Twister

*I want to start out by saying this is NOT a sponsored post. This item was a gift. No one paid me, these are my opinions*

I'm not sure if I have told everyone how much I truly love to cook. Some of my fondest memories in my life are centered around food. Not only eating it, but preparing it. I have been cooking or helping someone cook for as long as I can remember. Now before you get confused, I am no master chef, I am what we all would call a good ole' down home southern cook. Which usually translates as butter, butter, butter, batterd and fried.. but not always. When I was little I was always in the kitchen right in the middle of all of the activity always wanting to help and I was always encouraged to help.

I have been no different with my kids. When they were babies they were either on my hip, strapped to me or in a seat in the kitchen and as soon as they were big enough they were holding a spoon and stirring something up. They all love to cook, they love being in the kitchen picking out recipes and seeing how things turn out.

Now on to my point. I, being someone who loves to cook also have an obsession with kitchen gadgets and my father has a knack for feeding that obsession by gifting me with a new gadget each holiday and birthday. The latest addition to my collection is - The Presto Tater Twister . Who doesn't love Curly Fries? I love them and so do the kids. The thing I love most about my Tater Twister is that it is kid friendly. I help them put the potatoes in and then they press the top down and watch as their curly fries are created. One tip that I figured out is that if you cut the tip ends off of the potatoes it makes it easier to line them up on the top and the bottom of the twister. The clean up is easy too,the pieces snap a part and are dishwasher safe. I found a bunch on Ebay, I'm not even sure if you can get them in the stores any more becuase I had never seen one. We have been using it at least once every few weeks or so since my birthday. I love it and the kids have a ball with it. So if you have kids that you let cook with you and you love Curly Fries I highly recommend you get one, you won't regret it!


Jessica said...

A tater twister?
I'm so getting one of those!